The Price of Progress

Three Roads Converge in a Wood

Feb 24, and introduction sessions.
While escorting the funeral procession back to the shoreline, Breach spots some more heritics headed towards a strange formation in the woods.
Upon further inspection a huge mound with a carved stone face and some statues facing skyward is discovered guarded by a pair of Teifling shadowblades, some human lackeys, and a hippogryph mount.
The mouth of the giant face is an opening to a vast chamber with spikes at the bottom and some blood stained channels, apparently mean to impale those thrown into the mouth, and drain their blood.

In the north reach, a Goliath tribal elder (Arkis Hengecrafter), has a terrible dream, where the moon becomes a skull, and explodes into fire and blood, which leads him to the same stone face.

Elsewhere Captain Jutto Crend and his leftenant Skend are hunted down by a pair of spined devils. Jutto manages to bind one of the fiends but is caught by a teleportation trap, which leaves him plummeting toward Earthsea. Luckily his Otherwind Stride allows him to teleport to safety before crashing.



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