The Price of Progress

Lost Library of Highforest

April 14
This long deserted building was once a great library and a temple of Ioun. Allmost all of the doors have been sealed by an arcane lock ritual and the rear exit was bricked up. The inside stinks of filth apparently spread and left on purpose by the Vrocks nesting here. They did a grand job of desecrating the place, but seem to have the statues of gods intact, presumably out of fear.

The warden of the library, Baelard, has left some notes and letters indicating that one of the sages, Ulferth, has made some unsavory dealings with an otherworldly creature. The headmaster also seems to have tinkered with a gentle repose ritual to some unknown end. (these notes can be found here)

After some exploration, Arkis found some number of useful rituals, Breach and Thag found some strange glowing spheres inside a locked box, inside a locked cabinet, behind a locked gate, along with some old crumbling documents. A plan of the buiding was found but it did not contain the secret passage that was discovered, leading to Ulferth’s personal research.
Upon descending through the passage to the basement an oddly preserved skelton was found next to a ritual site. On the body was a set of keys, quickly discerned to spell the name Kyuss (a former servent of Nerull also known as the worm that walks).
The party pressed on entering a funeral parlor filled with urns and old books, where the stench was overwelming.



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