The Price of Progress

Sleeper in a Tomb of Dreams pt1

March 3.
As Arkis is investigating the new surroundings, Jutto Jumps down the 60 foot chamber teleporting to safety below. Breach Kildrak and Lia stop their investigations upon the commotion. The old party introduces themselves to Arkis, and all of them try to figure out what to make of Captain Crend and his leftenant. Lia draws her crossbow and Kildrak is ready to join the battle, when Jutto enlarges his skull familiar to the size of a mount and begins plucking dreamstones from the chamber walls.

Arkis explains his dream, and Kildrak admits to having the same one. The five adventurers agree to exploring the strange complex agreeing that there is probably more valuable gemstones to be had, in addition to uncovering the mystery of the place, and how it relates to the druid’s and barbarian’s dreams.

Picking a corridor at random, the group finds a short hallway lined with large iron chains held about hand-rail height by hooks attached to the wall. Someone notices that some of the hooks are actually levers that open secret panels in the wall. Activating one of them reveals a hidden Eidelon, also known as a tomb tapper. The eidelon is destroyed and no one wants to risk opening another portal. Kildrak and Jutto spend some time dismantling a large three armed statue made of dreamstone.
A spiral staircase leads downstairs to the back side of a secret door. Behind the door is an armory containing magically animated ballista.



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