The Price of Progress

Here there and everywhere

The group fortifies the area and rests while Breach and Arkis take time to master rituals. After resting Breach and Lia overcome their diseases while Kildrak’s condition worsens. A cure disease ritual takes care of that problem.
Kildrak tries to walk throught the red mist expecting it to teleport him somewhere else, but ends up walking into a wall. He then remembers the gate key from Anarus’ tomb and uses it on the mist, sucessfully transporting him to the cliffs overlooking Diyun. After looking at the map of planar connections, it is decided to try to find the connection to the shadowfell, which is accomplished buy using the Kyuss keyring instead of the blue frame. The group successfully explores the shadowfell version of the library, finding some information on shades and bodaks and the geography of the shadowfell. Breach then reminds the team of the tasked they were assigned and suggests that they should head back to havnor with their findings. They head back to Diyun in hopes of finding transportation south, while Lia gets caught up in local politics.



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