The Price of Progress

Shopping Spree

April 7
After finding a safe place to bed for the night, Lia convinces the group to go to Lorbannerry widely known for their extravagant markets and fine silk. With an abundance of Dreamstone, Breach was able to create a plethora of magic items at the request of the party.
Lia was able to establish some contacts.
While waiting for breach to finish and doing some other shopping a royal naval officer recognized the diplomats of the group, and gave them a letter explaining that no information could be found about the network of portals, but there might be information at the Lost Library of Highforest, and a map to an expected location of the library.
The group was able to charter passage to Osskil by way of Paln, and on to the dwarven lands of the north. Jutto decided that it would be best to part ways, but a warforged passenger on the ship ,Thag, offered his services to the group.



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