The Price of Progress

Sleeper pt 3

March 24.
After the burning of the skeletons subsides, our adventurers follow the sound of mumbling. Turning left down the dark hallway, they come into what can only be described as a torture chamber, with a desk in the middle and a ragged man furiously writing in red. Upon closer examination the man has had both of his eyes cut out, surrounded by scars in the same cycle shape found elsewhere, and he appears to writing with his own blood.
Foul abominations ooze out of his disfigured eyes growing into humanoid shapes and attacking. Quinn, a human slayer, burst out of a nearby jail cell and aids the party. The disgusting creatures are no match for the party who eventually defeat the seer and some straggling skeletons.

Breach quickly glances through the book, containing the rantings of a mad man and a few glimpses of prophesy. Arkis suggests that the book should be destroyed.
Introductions are exchanged and Quinn decides to join the adventurers, at least until they get out of this horrible tomb.



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