The Price of Progress

Eternal Slumber

March 31
Across the hall from the blind prophet’s torture chamber is a large chamber with a pedestal in the center and two doors on either side. The floor drops about 30 feet and the only way to traverse is to walk across giant blades… or fly. Using Jutto’s enlarge familiar spell to carry his companions from ledge to ledge, Breach miraculously disables a trap in a door, suspected to start the blades spinning.
A quick battle with a single spectre takes place. Across the other side of the room Jutto uses his teleportation powers to peek inside, finding a zombie beholder. It is decided that the zombie is not worth the effort. and it is skipped, as is a second identical room with two more doors.
Past the chambers of blades, a small domed room with a strange device is guarded by a half dozen Grues. A large dreamstone eye is attached to a chain running up to the ceiling and over to a mechanical control panel. The grues block the entryway keeping only Quinn in any real danger, but leaving themselves vulnerable to ranged attacks. Eventually Jutto teleports the rest of the party to the control pannel, and Arkis and Kildrak manage to operate the eye shaped wrecking ball, finishing off the grues.

Underneath the Eye (which was broken up for material components) was a small passageway that was a tight space for a crawl, but eventually opened up to a staircase. At the top was a frightning sight. A mummified naked body is a male human that lacks horns, but projecting from the corpse’s belly is a vestigial twin. This childlike torso has tiny withered arms but a nearly adult-sized head with a horn and a hole in the skull where it is clear that the horn was severed. The twin’s sunken eyelids are sown shut, but its mouth is open, and as the blood trickles down from a face in the ceiling, its cracked lips and dry tongue move, lapping up the terrible fluid.
Aberrant foulspawns and human cultists surround the growing creature, chanting about their sleeper who will awaken. After a drawn out battle, our heroes finally kill every last cultist and destroy the horrific being that was worshipped.



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