The Price of Progress

Here there and everywhere

The group fortifies the area and rests while Breach and Arkis take time to master rituals. After resting Breach and Lia overcome their diseases while Kildrak’s condition worsens. A cure disease ritual takes care of that problem.
Kildrak tries to walk throught the red mist expecting it to teleport him somewhere else, but ends up walking into a wall. He then remembers the gate key from Anarus’ tomb and uses it on the mist, sucessfully transporting him to the cliffs overlooking Diyun. After looking at the map of planar connections, it is decided to try to find the connection to the shadowfell, which is accomplished buy using the Kyuss keyring instead of the blue frame. The group successfully explores the shadowfell version of the library, finding some information on shades and bodaks and the geography of the shadowfell. Breach then reminds the team of the tasked they were assigned and suggests that they should head back to havnor with their findings. They head back to Diyun in hopes of finding transportation south, while Lia gets caught up in local politics.

Cinco de Mayo

May 5
The group continued on as swarms of awakened rot grubs poured from the shelves of the lower crypt. A few more spawns of Kyuss emerged from the chasms in the tombs floor. Kildrak was infected by disease, and Quinn was exposed but not infected. The urn shelf from which the rot grubs emerged, contained some interesting documents: apparently this was a good place to store incomplete research. One of which was a chart depicting a crude representation of the planes and lines between them.
After casting a speak with dead ritual to ask Baelard’s corpse 2 questions, it was decided to break the red ritual containment vessel. The act summoned forth Ulferth, the Herald of Kyuss, who was quickly cut down by Quinn’s and Kildrak’s axes.

How to eat fried worms

April 28
Thag was dragged into a Wormcrawl fissure by a spawn of Kyuss. After a quick round of battles with some rot grub swarms, a spawn of Kyuss and a wretch of Kyuss(who are found to be vulnerable to fire), Breach and Lia contracted the “touch of Kyuss” disease. Arkis recalled seeing a cure ritual book upstairs and went to retrieve it. Also a couple books on more obscure religeons was found and quickly scanned for mentions of Kyuss.

Lost Library of Highforest

April 14
This long deserted building was once a great library and a temple of Ioun. Allmost all of the doors have been sealed by an arcane lock ritual and the rear exit was bricked up. The inside stinks of filth apparently spread and left on purpose by the Vrocks nesting here. They did a grand job of desecrating the place, but seem to have the statues of gods intact, presumably out of fear.

The warden of the library, Baelard, has left some notes and letters indicating that one of the sages, Ulferth, has made some unsavory dealings with an otherworldly creature. The headmaster also seems to have tinkered with a gentle repose ritual to some unknown end. (these notes can be found here)

After some exploration, Arkis found some number of useful rituals, Breach and Thag found some strange glowing spheres inside a locked box, inside a locked cabinet, behind a locked gate, along with some old crumbling documents. A plan of the buiding was found but it did not contain the secret passage that was discovered, leading to Ulferth’s personal research.
Upon descending through the passage to the basement an oddly preserved skelton was found next to a ritual site. On the body was a set of keys, quickly discerned to spell the name Kyuss (a former servent of Nerull also known as the worm that walks).
The party pressed on entering a funeral parlor filled with urns and old books, where the stench was overwelming.

Shopping Spree

April 7
After finding a safe place to bed for the night, Lia convinces the group to go to Lorbannerry widely known for their extravagant markets and fine silk. With an abundance of Dreamstone, Breach was able to create a plethora of magic items at the request of the party.
Lia was able to establish some contacts.
While waiting for breach to finish and doing some other shopping a royal naval officer recognized the diplomats of the group, and gave them a letter explaining that no information could be found about the network of portals, but there might be information at the Lost Library of Highforest, and a map to an expected location of the library.
The group was able to charter passage to Osskil by way of Paln, and on to the dwarven lands of the north. Jutto decided that it would be best to part ways, but a warforged passenger on the ship ,Thag, offered his services to the group.

Eternal Slumber

March 31
Across the hall from the blind prophet’s torture chamber is a large chamber with a pedestal in the center and two doors on either side. The floor drops about 30 feet and the only way to traverse is to walk across giant blades… or fly. Using Jutto’s enlarge familiar spell to carry his companions from ledge to ledge, Breach miraculously disables a trap in a door, suspected to start the blades spinning.
A quick battle with a single spectre takes place. Across the other side of the room Jutto uses his teleportation powers to peek inside, finding a zombie beholder. It is decided that the zombie is not worth the effort. and it is skipped, as is a second identical room with two more doors.
Past the chambers of blades, a small domed room with a strange device is guarded by a half dozen Grues. A large dreamstone eye is attached to a chain running up to the ceiling and over to a mechanical control panel. The grues block the entryway keeping only Quinn in any real danger, but leaving themselves vulnerable to ranged attacks. Eventually Jutto teleports the rest of the party to the control pannel, and Arkis and Kildrak manage to operate the eye shaped wrecking ball, finishing off the grues.

Underneath the Eye (which was broken up for material components) was a small passageway that was a tight space for a crawl, but eventually opened up to a staircase. At the top was a frightning sight. A mummified naked body is a male human that lacks horns, but projecting from the corpse’s belly is a vestigial twin. This childlike torso has tiny withered arms but a nearly adult-sized head with a horn and a hole in the skull where it is clear that the horn was severed. The twin’s sunken eyelids are sown shut, but its mouth is open, and as the blood trickles down from a face in the ceiling, its cracked lips and dry tongue move, lapping up the terrible fluid.
Aberrant foulspawns and human cultists surround the growing creature, chanting about their sleeper who will awaken. After a drawn out battle, our heroes finally kill every last cultist and destroy the horrific being that was worshipped.

Sleeper pt 3

March 24.
After the burning of the skeletons subsides, our adventurers follow the sound of mumbling. Turning left down the dark hallway, they come into what can only be described as a torture chamber, with a desk in the middle and a ragged man furiously writing in red. Upon closer examination the man has had both of his eyes cut out, surrounded by scars in the same cycle shape found elsewhere, and he appears to writing with his own blood.
Foul abominations ooze out of his disfigured eyes growing into humanoid shapes and attacking. Quinn, a human slayer, burst out of a nearby jail cell and aids the party. The disgusting creatures are no match for the party who eventually defeat the seer and some straggling skeletons.

Breach quickly glances through the book, containing the rantings of a mad man and a few glimpses of prophesy. Arkis suggests that the book should be destroyed.
Introductions are exchanged and Quinn decides to join the adventurers, at least until they get out of this horrible tomb.

Sleeper in a Tomb of Dreams pt2

March 10,
Jutto repaired and loaded some ballistae and small catapults onto tenser’s floating discs, and Arkis saddled a skeletal warhorse before the party could destroy it.

The group found the treasury, after using the door’s own freezing trap to break the lock, which contained erie floor tiles carved like eyes that would rotate to stare at passerbyes. Tenser’s floating discs were used to avoid the trap triggers on the floor, and collect the mounds of treasure. Jutto wanted to pry up all of the eye tiles made of dreamstone, but was interrpted by some passing zombies, which were quickly incinerated.

Sleeper in a Tomb of Dreams pt1

March 3.
As Arkis is investigating the new surroundings, Jutto Jumps down the 60 foot chamber teleporting to safety below. Breach Kildrak and Lia stop their investigations upon the commotion. The old party introduces themselves to Arkis, and all of them try to figure out what to make of Captain Crend and his leftenant. Lia draws her crossbow and Kildrak is ready to join the battle, when Jutto enlarges his skull familiar to the size of a mount and begins plucking dreamstones from the chamber walls.

Arkis explains his dream, and Kildrak admits to having the same one. The five adventurers agree to exploring the strange complex agreeing that there is probably more valuable gemstones to be had, in addition to uncovering the mystery of the place, and how it relates to the druid’s and barbarian’s dreams.

Picking a corridor at random, the group finds a short hallway lined with large iron chains held about hand-rail height by hooks attached to the wall. Someone notices that some of the hooks are actually levers that open secret panels in the wall. Activating one of them reveals a hidden Eidelon, also known as a tomb tapper. The eidelon is destroyed and no one wants to risk opening another portal. Kildrak and Jutto spend some time dismantling a large three armed statue made of dreamstone.
A spiral staircase leads downstairs to the back side of a secret door. Behind the door is an armory containing magically animated ballista.

Three Roads Converge in a Wood

Feb 24, and introduction sessions.
While escorting the funeral procession back to the shoreline, Breach spots some more heritics headed towards a strange formation in the woods.
Upon further inspection a huge mound with a carved stone face and some statues facing skyward is discovered guarded by a pair of Teifling shadowblades, some human lackeys, and a hippogryph mount.
The mouth of the giant face is an opening to a vast chamber with spikes at the bottom and some blood stained channels, apparently mean to impale those thrown into the mouth, and drain their blood.

In the north reach, a Goliath tribal elder (Arkis Hengecrafter), has a terrible dream, where the moon becomes a skull, and explodes into fire and blood, which leads him to the same stone face.

Elsewhere Captain Jutto Crend and his leftenant Skend are hunted down by a pair of spined devils. Jutto manages to bind one of the fiends but is caught by a teleportation trap, which leaves him plummeting toward Earthsea. Luckily his Otherwind Stride allows him to teleport to safety before crashing.


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