The Price of Progress

Log August

This is a work in progress. I intend to to start the game in online format in September, using screenmonkey and skype. Updates are coming.

First Sessions

4th of Dune 401 AF (After the Fall [of the Wall of the Dead]).
On Havnor, Prince Barreth and Adviser Koreth Entertain Lia and Breach as friends of the government. The Prince suggests of a game of diplomacy to pass the time, but really wants a new perspective as the nobles he normally plays with are predictable and do not think like the orcs and goblins of the north.
Breach impresses the Prince with his novel thinking and offers him a position as Adviser to Chief General Ghald.

Elsewhere on Enlad, and orcish incursion destroys a half dozen villages. The attacks are becoming more frequent, though no more dangerous. Kildrak almost loses his long time family friend in the foray. Mayor Raddak gives a rousing speech on how it is everyone’s responsibility to protect their community. Kildrak has agreed to help them fight back.

5th of Dune 401AF
Breach and Lia are picked up by a ship on its way to Enlad and Osskil with a band of mildly trained soldiers and fresh graduates from the wizards’ school on Roke. This ship passes through a flock of stirges but the sailors and adventurers have no trouble dispatching those that attack.

Restwell Keep

Sept 23.
Breach and Lia met up with Kildrak and a local townsfolk On the Isle of Osskil. They were quickly met by a goblin ambush, unusual for the south shore of the Isle.
The group was brought back to Restwell Keep, the hub of military organization for this area. They were rushed through a check in proccess upon arriving but then found ample amount of downtime while the disorganized and unskilled leaders try to accomplish something.

The three were approached by brother Benwick a portly monk who has concerns about general Ferdinanad Ronnik. The party was asked to follow Sal (one of Ronnik’s lackey’s) to a secret grotto. Sal was found in a cave full of lizardfolk and a Dragonborn mercenary named Kesk. After trying to introduce themselves the three were forced to battle with Kesk and the Lizardman. A letter to Toraash and a claw pendant were found on Kesk’s body. Sal was cornered and gave the party an ornately cut black stone.

Bannites on Osskil?

Sept. 30
Lia went to fetch Benwick as Breach and Kildrak kept Sal in the cave. After some discussion Sal was dispatched and the party returned to town in the rain.
The streets were empty due to the downpour save for a small band of mugger’s (who were quickly dispatched). It was discovered that the halfling leader was hired by Gordi, a Lieutenant loyal to Ronnik.
Benwick treated the party to some evening refreshments at the Stumbling Giant Inn and Tavern, where Gordi happened to be this evening also. Some information was gathered on the Eye of the Tyrant, and the orc general Toraash. Lia confronted Gordi.

Military Minds

Oct 5.
After long discussions with each other and with Benwick, the party decides it is best to inform Lord Drysdale of the letter to Toraash, and of Ronnik‘s attempt to harm the party.
Drysdale welcomes the emissaries of the Prince, and the Dwarf from the north. He asks the party to stay for a discussion of what to do, which the party tries to decline, as they want to avoid Ronnik. A guard suggests that they hide upstairs and hear what Ronnik has to say about his accusations.
Ronnik avoids the issue and after realizing that conversation about what to do with the militia is going nowhere, Lia decides to make their presence known.
After some coersion Ronnik admits his actions but suggests that he didn’t know who the hit was on, and asks for the black stone. Drysdale barely reprimands Ronnik, who storms off infuriated. Drydale aggrees to hold off on any action until a better plan can be agreed on.

At brunch the next morning Drysdale offers his protection to the party, and mentions that he will be watching Ronnik more closely. Some strategies are discussed and it is agreed that the party will venture to Enlad to try and find Thorion’s tomb before the orcs.

The party arrives at Enlad and quickly goes to the capitol of Berila. There Lia introduces herself to the governer, Kildrak attempts to gather information from local pub patrons (though it is probably too early in the day to talk to anyone important), and Breach scours the expansive libraries. Breach manages to narrow down a list of possible places that thorion could be buried. It is late in the day, but the Party comes across a tomb marked by a picture of a broken staff (among other markings) which is likely a sign for Thorion.

Thorion's Tomb

Oct. 14
The party cautiously enters the suspected tomb of Thorion. Shortly upon entering the walls and ground seeming move around them in sporadic fashion. The decorative stone statues lining the hallway slowly come to life and start following the adventurers.
On their way down a the set of stairs past the entry way, all three adventurers notice a scrape mark above the stairwell.
The tomb is crawling with undead. The first room entered was littered with decrepit skeletons and magical rune traps, which helped the party as much or more than hindered. Breach was able to control the runes while Lia and Kildrak lured some other zombies and skeletons into the traps.

The second room explored was home to a young black dracolich. The beast started with a toxic poison breath, with which Kildrak had trouble overcoming. The undead dragon seemed clung near a magic fountain as it was steadily defeated by the party. I couldn’t get a good shot to reuse it’s breath weapon as Lia and Breach kept their distance.
The fountain and a statue of a forgotten deity still retained their curative properties: a sign that the place has not been completely corrupted. And the dragons not so meager hoard was taken by Breach, Kildrak, and Lia.

At last the burial chamber was explored, and it seems that the inhabitants of the sarcophagi had all been Zombified. The undead were quickly dispatched, and the coffin of Thorion was empty save for a broken piece of staff.

At the bottom of a once hidden, but now falling apart, passageway, a pedestal with a leather bound book entitled Arcanes Enlades was surrounded by failing magic wards.

On their way out the part was blockaded by the statues in the entry way. In an impressive feat of athleticism, Kildrak was able to push past one statue. Lia was able to leap over them. And Breach was able to run past when an opening appeared, caused by the shifting walls and Kildrak’s distraction.

Labyrinth, or the dreaded Pungeon

Nov 11.
While Lia breaks off her pick in the lock of rusted door, Breach is able to unlock the mechanism but it still does not open. Kildrak in a mighty feat of strength is able to pry the door open. Upon entering the long forgotten cavern the party quickly runs into a ninja who has trouble getting the party to hear him. He apparently was stuck in the labyrinth for a couple weeks with no way out.

Navigating the passages with some chalk to mark their way, and using the left hand rule, the group made their way around most of the exterior. They could not figure out how bypass a couple Walls Of Norse (a stack of viking statues and a pun on wall of force). A large room laden with neatly stacked bones and an Arms Rack (a rack meant for holding armaments, but held mostly human arms). Breach took the Flaming Sword (who noticed how firm his grasp was, and how FABULOUSSSS his shoes were) but left the arms and the meat shield (which was always fresh). The group quickly crossed an anti-magic field after some extensive safety testing. A secret Passageway was found in a room with over-sized shackles and chains bolted to the walls.

After descending down a staircase marked by a claw, a pack of slow incompetent grasping zombies were encountered and dispatched with.

Will our adventurers get back to the labyrinth? Will they put up with DM who uses such horrible puns?
Join us next week to find out, same great time, same great channel!

The death of Anarus part 1

Nov 18
The party advances very cautiously. After the initial room full of weak zombies, the adventurers come across a room with giant scythe blades swing down from the ceiling to cut and knock back and trespassers. Kildrak with his immovable dwarven stature managed to traverse the room and get to stone panel controlling the trap. With a stroke of luck he managed to disable the blade threatening his position, allowing him to disable the rest out of danger.
The doors opened after the disabling the last trap, revealing a room with 4 ornate sarcophagi, a handful of skeletons and a shadow-hunter bat. A magical violate mist blocks off the east wall. The sarcophagi appear the coffins of a family, one depicting a hairless indistinguished male with the inscription “Anarus Kalton – Burn in the Nine Hells”, one depicting a scowling man in full plate and longsword “Arrol Kalton”, one depicting a regal woman in the style of a cleric of Pelor “Alana Kalton”, and one whose cover was smashed and could not be identified.

The smashed coffin and the one marked Anarus have false bottoms and lead to chambers 30ft down.
Lia examines one such room to discover a grimacing demon holding up 4 figurines which grasp a blue metal bar. Th room is determined to be a trap and it passed over hoping to uncover more information about the figures.
Breach and Kildrak decend to the other smaller chamber, which contains a magical barrier marked by glowing blue runes on the floor, and another blue metal bar hovers in the center. The men decided to try and break the circle by removing a floor stone. It is discovered however that the stones, quarried from the shadowfell, are hollow and contain a gas which causes incorporeality. Kildrak decided it was safe to cross the barrier in his insubstantial state and grabs the blue bar.

Death of Anarus part 2

Nov 23
The northern passage lead to the nest of a pair of deathjump spiders, who apparently entered through a hole in the floor leading to a dark expansive cavern below, and to a study now overrun with rats. Kildrak contracts filth fever while dispatching the rats. All of the books, save one, are rendered worthless by rot and mold and eaten by rats and bookworms.
The one exception is the Glosses of Danemere, a ritual book about ressurection and the travel of souls through the planes.
Another blue metal bar, and a magic dagger are also found. Presumably left by someone whose body was eaten or carried off by the rats.

The south passage contains a mural of a brutal slaughter, a battle between humans and bugbears, lit by two braziers, which appear to be recently attended to. Beyond the frescoes is a room lined with stone soldiers, resembling the bugbears from the hallway, seemingly guarding a statue of a winged, beaked demon (a vrok) standing over yet another blue metallic bar. It is quickly discovered that rock hard statues come to life to attack those within arms reach, and consequently become very brittle and easy to destroy. Xavorin and Kildrak no only clear a path to the vrok, but clear the room entirely.

After exploring all other avenues the party decide to tamper with the demonic statues and 4 figurines. Kildrak attacks the red figuring summoning a dretch, which is quickly dispatched. The name on the placard of the dust devil is spoken aloud to summon it and it is also destroyed. The adventurers decide to take a rest before moving on, only to discover the dust devil’s figurine rematerialized over time.

Death of Anarus part 3

Dec. 9
After realizing that the figurines needed to be defeated in rapid sucession, the group defeated the remaining dust devil, ochre jelly, and shade. Breach retrieved the last piece of the blue metal frame. The four metal bars assembled into a rectangular frame which grows to the size of a doorway when placed in the strange purple mist. On the other side of the mist was a room with two unmarked coffins abunch of skeletons and the headless ghost of anarus kalton. After the long struggle the adventurers used the doorway to head back out but were transported to a room of pools, and not back to the crypt.
Xavorin was interested in mapping out their new surroundings, while breach and kildrak were interested in the contents of the pools. After a little experimentation it was decided th at the pools are more trouble than they are worth. A door to wast lead to a magical bath and another pool isolated from the rest. Kildrak was temporarily mesmerized by the pool. While breach was trying to snap kildrak out of the trance, two large rats appeared from another room and managed to bullrush xavorin into a 50 ft pit. After the rats were dispatched, xavorin was recovered, and the rest of the passage was explored, the group rested for the night.
In the morning the group decided to experiment with some more of the purple smoke. The smoke in the bath lead to a large cavern holding an obsidian spire surrounded by a lake of lava. The smoke in the cavern led back to the room that previously held Anarus’ ghost. The smoke in the room of pools led back to the crypt.
The passage to the north of the room of pools twisted and turned for quite a while appearing to go uphill, until it finally led to a narrow stairwell marked by 3 slashes. The stairwell led to a comfortable looking living spaced made from a cave. After exploring outside and finding a hunting expidition, it is discovered that they are on geat(part of a marshy unihabitable set of islands south east of gont).
The group decides that their findings need to be reported to the prince and eventually head back to osskil.


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