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The rich archipelago developed by Ursula LeGuinn has a well fleshed out geography, history, cosmology, magic system, and political structure. To learn more about her literary world check out wikipedia or the isolate tower

The world has changed greatly in the 400 years since Ged sundered the wall of the dead. (the “Dry Land” can be equated to the shadowfell of 4e). His actions have had some untended consequences. The removal of this barrier have allowed gods (and far worse things) to enter the world. While they have small followings, as religion is having trouble taking hold in this long agnostic culture, their influences can be seen.

With the gods have returned the trolls of old, and halflings and dwarves. Some interloping elves and eladrin have taken up residence in selidor, and the gods have created some other non-native races (hobgoblins, orcs, gnomes, daevas, gnolls, and undead).

Magic has become less regulated, and the talent can be seen in large portions of the population, and this can be passed down through generations uncontrollably (shape changers often give spawn to shifters). The Wizards of Roke still hold that the untrained are inferior to those who become real wizards.

Dragons have been multiplying with the return of souls, as has their land, and their offspring are sometimes born as dragonborn. The Dragons do not acknowledge gods.

The Isles have had a stable monarchy for many years now, and the longevity has led to pettiness among the aristocracy. Laws are frivolously amended and needlessly complicated. There is much backscratching, lining of pockets, and generally making a mess of the complex system.

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