Table Rules

0 – Have fun- it is a game afterall
if you are not having fun, please let the DM know in a calm collected manner. He will try to accommadate you next session.

1 – The DM’s Rule is final. That being said The DM is only human. Mistakes will be made; please point out the supposed mistake when it happens, and remember to discuss the difference in interpretations between sessions. This DM will try to be as consistent as possible. Also please do not intentionally break the game mechanics (or run it by me first).

2 – This is cooperative storytelling. If your style of play it to the detriment of other players/characters then you cause others to break rule 0. This may include such actions as recklessness, pvp, and “my way or not all” characters. There will be no belittling, insulting, or out of character heated arguments. If rule 2 is a recurring problem then one or more players may need to find different groups to game with that have a style more in line with what you are looking for.

3 – Actions have consequences. This is nothing personal. If your character is caught stealing from a merchant, or attacking a citizen, legal or retributive actions will occur in game. If your group never takes prisoners, you get a reputation of being ruthless, if you never kill anyone, they may show up again later, with more friends.

4 – when reporting dice rolls, please list all of the modifiers you are using, the total, and what you are targeting. Examples “I use X on troll #3. Thats plus 2 for combat advantage, minus 2 for ranged against prone, plus 2 for that power Billy used last turn. Thats 16 versus AC”. “I use X, No modifiers. Thats 18 vs Fort” “I wish to use Streetwise to gather information about the hobo’s. I get a plus 2 from the assist. Thats a 21 streetwise.”

5 – Phone calls/ texts will be handled away from the table. Other technology at the table will be used for game related material only (character sheet, compendium, online maps ect).

6 – Cocked dice and off the table will be rerolled. It is better to be consistant than to decide at the time.

0 – Have fun. If there is something you would like to change talk to the DM before or after a session, or between sessions.

Table Rules

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